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Westrac 777 Water Cart Refurbishment

TW Woods Construction Pty Ltd recently completed a refurbishment of a 777 Water Cart for Westrac Tomago. There were many stages involved, and a lot of care and attention was taken to ensure a fantastic end result. We would like to take you on a little journey from start to finish of this job that we are proud of completing at TW Woods. Firstly, our painting and blasting manager David Croul went on site to Westrac at Tomago to assess and quote the water cart.

On the 28th September 2021, the water cart arrived on site at TW Woods Construction and made its way to our Blast Shed for set up and preparation for the Abrasive Blasting to begin. In order to determine where any cracks are in the internal surface of the water cart, it was necessary to sandblast the internal welds so that NDT could be performed to locate any cracks to be repaired.

Once the NDT is completed and all welds and baffles are repaired, lineboring and pin sections can then be completed. With help from our friends at Wheeler Cranes, we needed to turn the Water Cart over for easier access to finish the sandblasting inside the water cart, and for the Rhino Lining to be completed. Turning it over to reach these areas, ensures a better-quality finished product.

When the sandblasting was completed, the Water Cart made its way to our industrial painting shed, where we primed all external surfaces and applied a two-coat paint system to all of the internal surfaces. Next we needed to turn the water cart over and the right way up, in order to complete the final stages of the protective paint coatings on external surfaces. We painted the external surfaces with Westrac yellow, and look at the amazing finished product. It is looking brand new and ready to be used on its designated mine site. The water cart was loaded for shipment on the 14th October 2021 and safely made its way to Westrac Tomago.