Complete fabrication services for projects of any size

There is simply no limit to what TW Woods Construction can do for your project, no matter how big or small it is. Servicing NSW and beyond, we can handle everything from profile cutting and rolling and pressing to abrasive blasting and fabrication services. We are hugely proud to offer our expertise and technique in all areas to our clients. We look forward to working with you and building an ongoing relationship.

  • Affordable Solutions

    Not only are our steel fabrication services effective, they can also help you achieve your desired outcome without breaking the budget.


    We will take the time to understand your project and requirements and will walk you through all available options.


    Our focus in on quality that is also cost-effective, so you count on our team in NSW to perfectly meet your needs.

  • Safety First

    The services we provide and sectors we work with are highly sensitive and in some cases heavy duty, so they require the greatest of care.


    When it comes to our steel fabrication services performed at our both facility in NSW and our on-site services we provide to our clients – we always work to ensure complete safety for all involved.

  • Quality materials

    For all steel fabrications services and requirements for our clients in NSW and beyond, we always use only the finest and most trusted materials available on the market.


    Not only does it mean durability, it also means lasting results, which will see you through the duration of your project and into the future.


    We can tailor our materials to meet your specific project demands, so you get the results you need.